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canberra large lime classifier

Jun 10, 2020 · Of course, this is for a single datapoint, and so depends on the specific values of the other variables as well. The total weighting of survived vs not-survived is not too far in this case for LIME vs the ML classifier. However, the gender change has little impact on the ML output, while having a large impact on LIME output

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github - marcotcr/lime: lime: explaining the predictions

Lime is able to explain any black box classifier, with two or more classes. All we require is that the classifier implements a function that takes in raw text or a numpy array and outputs a probability for each class. Support for scikit-learn classifiers is built-in. Installation. The lime package is on PyPI. Simply run:

lime eli5 0.11.0 documentation

Fake dataset generation is the main issue; it is task-specific to a large extent. So LIME can work with any black-box classifier, but user may need to write code specific for each dataset. There is an opposite tradeoff in inspecting model weights: it works for any task, but one must write inspection code for each estimator type

explaining machine learning classifiers with lime | random

Jun 10, 2020 · Explaining Machine Learning Classifiers with LIME. June 10, ... So I tried it out on a few classifiers and datasets / datapoints to see. ... The point with this was just to see if changing the value of a feature that LIME weights highly results in large changes in the ML algorithm outputs and associted LIME weights themselves

lime slaker classifiers detail - paramount limited

Lime slaker classifier is commonly used equipment in chemical plant for producing milk of lime. The making of milk of lime is technically called as the Slaking Process. The slaking of lime is basically the hydration reaction of lime (CaO) to Calcium Hydroxide (Ca(OH) 2). The hydration of lime is an exothermic reaction and hence generates heat

daswell calcium carbonate coating machine - coating line

To improve the high quality of coated calcium carbonate powder, an air classifier is needed. Daswell calcium carbonate surface modification machine can form a closed circuit with the air classifier. In the air classifier, large granule coated calcium carbonate will be returned to the coating machine for further coating

lime flamingo collective live a creative life

The Lime Flamingo Collective is a networking and mentoring group for emerging professional artists from the Canberra Region. Facilitated by artist, educator and museologist, Jodie Cunningham who has over 14 years experience teaching art in a tertiary context, with speciality in topics including professional art practice, art networking, marketing, social media, website …

lime slacker classifier - ekcp

EIMCO-K.C.P. Slacker-Classifiers are used in preparation of Milk of Lime and Causticizers preparing for producing white liquor clarifier are available in different sizes depending on the application and requirements. Slaker-Classifier combines the slaking action, classifying and grit removal in a single unit

classifying and ball mill production line alpa powder

Classifier. Different models of Classifier could be selected depending on different fineness of products. FW series Classifier are suitable for classifying of D97:3~20μm products, FL series for classifying of D97: 8~45μm products. Wide range of adjustment is available with each Classifier and the application is extensive in market

build a lime explainer dashboard with the fewest lines of

Oct 24, 2020 · To explain a classifier’s results using LIME, it can be cumbersome to have to write out individual HTML files each time an explanation needs to be made. An interactive dashboard that takes in user input is a very effective means to rapidly iterate through multiple test samples in real time, providing the user with immediate feedback

explain your ml model predictions with local interpretable

Mar 30, 2020 · To make the illustration of the LIME application more understandable, I leave only two classes from the 20 and train a simple classifier (SVM) which is going to tell us a class of each news post

growing citrus in canberra for winter harvest

May 14, 2014 · Another good option for citrus is to grow them in large terracotta pots. Because the trees can grow to up to two metres in height, select quite a large pot and agree on a permanent location before filling up the pot. Fill the bottom of the pot with small rubble stones to provide good drainage, then add in a good mix of pliable soil and compost

how is your slaker operating? part 1 mcfarlen

An exothermic reaction begins when the lime contacts the solution and can bring the temperature up by 12-14C (22-25F). A key operating parameter of lime slaking is temperature control. Being able to operate the slaker just below boiling point without boiling is essential to creating large lime mud particles while avoiding grit carry over

slaking and causticizing training video - convergence training

Its purpose is to mix lime and green liquor and settle out the grits produced this reaction. The slaker bowl has an inlet for both lime and green liquor, an agitator, and a side discharge to the classifier. The classifier has an inlet from the slaker bowl and a conveyor to discharge the grits

understanding lime

Feb 24, 2021 · Understanding lime Thomas Lin Pedersen & Michaël Benesty 2021-02-24. In order to be able to understand the explanations produced by lime it is necessary to have at least some knowledge of how these explanations are achieved. To this end, you are encouraged to read through the article that introduced the lime framework as well as the additional resources …

eli5.lime eli5 0.11.0 documentation

eli5.lime.textutils¶. Utilities for text generation. cosine_similarity_vec (num_tokens, num_removed_vec) [source] ¶. Return cosine similarity between a binary vector with all ones of length num_tokens and vectors of the same length with num_removed_vec elements set to zero.. generate_samples (text, n_samples=500, bow=True, random_state=None, replacement='', …

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