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frantz electromagnetic separator

The S.G. Frantz Series F2 Electromagnetic Separators utilize magnetic background fields of approximately 2,500 gauss. The standard water-cooled model can handle product temperatures up to 176°F (80°C), while special thermal insulated units can handle product temperatures up to 400°F (205°C). The F2 series is designed to separate fine ferromagnetic particles under …

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series f1e electromagnetic separators - s.g. frantz

The S.G. Frantz Series F1E Electromagnetic Separators provide economical, improved performance in separating fine ferromagnetic particles. They are ideal for the industrial processing of liquids, slurries and gases under difficult processing conditions and higher product temperatures (up to 400°F (205°C))

s.g. frantz 80 years of magnetic separation excellence

80 Years of Excellence. For more than 80 years, S.G. Frantz® has been manufacturing Magnetic Separators for the removal of fine magnetic particles from liquids, slurries, gases, dry granular materials and powders. By leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise, we have been able to continually develop and improve upon the technology of our products

series f1 electromagnetic separators - s.g. frantz

Series F1 Electromagnetic Separators for Dry Materials. S.G. Frantz F1 Electromagnetic Separators for Dry Materials utilize either a magnetic background field of approximately 500 gauss (for air-cooled models) or approximately 700 gauss (for water-cooled models). The standard model can handle product temperatures up to 150°F (66°C), while special thermal …

electromagnetic separator rectifiers s.g. frantz

Electromagnetic Separator Rectifiers S.G. Frantz rectifiers are required to convert line voltages to the DC voltage and currents required by our Electromagnetic Separators. All rectifiers are equipped with a pilot light, a load indicator and either a circuit breaker or fuses

frantz industrial electromagnetic separators

Electromagnetic separators have a number of distinct advantages. Fields to magnetize the collecting elements can be matched to the separation requirements, from about 1 through 20 kilogauss in the empty separating space. Large volumes of magnetized matrix spaces can be generated to meet processing needs

series f1 gravity flow electromagnetic separators

How the F1 Gravity Flow Electromagnetic Separator Works Material is fed into an open bowl at the top of the unit. Material is processed through proprietary grids or other matrix materials. Material is discharged through a centered pipe-threaded connection at the bottom

frantz industrial and laboratory magnetic separators

Frantz ® Canister Separator S. G. Frantz Co. Inc. offers laboratory separators and auxiliary equipment for: Continuous precise magnetic separation of dry materials by either paramagnetic or diamagnetic susceptibility, also by ferromagnetic properties Bench scale high intensity, high gradient matrix separations of fluids and slurries

frantz laboratory magnetic separators

Frantz® Canister Separator (Model L-1CN) Provides a bench top high gradient, high intensity magnetic separator for processing liquid suspensions of fine particles. With the regulated power supply the magnetic field strength in the empty separating chamber is variable from 0 to approximately 15,500 - 16,000 Gauss

electromagnetic separators s.g. frantz

S.G. Frantz® Electromagnetic Separators utilize electric currents through wire coils in iron housings, which create magnetic fields to separate highly magnetic materials from liquids, gases, slurries and powders. Available in gravity, underfeed and pipeline models, our separators deliver outstanding performance for a wide variety of industry applications, including:

frantz ferrofilter electromagnetic separator

This is a S.G. Frantz Co. "Ferrofilter" electromagnetic separator. Its model number is 83 and its serial number is 198. It is designed to sparate magnetic materials from heavy slurries at a maximum flow rate of 2,600 to 8,000 gph. It has stainless steel …

model l-1 - frantz

FRANTZ. MAGNETIC SEPARATOR. (Model L-1) Principles of design. The Isodynamic®Separator consists essentially of an electromagnet having two long pole pieces shaped to a special contour (shown in simplified form in the sketch below) with a long narrow air gap between them

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